eProspects ‘always on’ customer capture builds trust into the end-to-end customer experience of the crowded personal injury claims market.

The Industry

eProspects have been delivering leads to the UK’s most trusted personal injury claims companies delivering 'no win, no fee’ enquiries to legal firms from anyone who’s had an accident that’s not their fault. Players with ambition must constantly strive to best serve their customer’s needs while responding to industry-wide reforms and gain trust in an industry that has, on occasion, suffered from bad PR.


Conditional fee agreements saw an unprecedented growth in the number of claims management companies in the late 90s. Aggressive marketing techniques and an alarming growth in the numbers of extortionate litigation claims resulted in public concern over a “compensation culture” which gave rise to an industry that is now heavily regulated.

Competition remains rife – not just from Claims Management Companies (CMCs) but from the law firms themselves - each competing for significantly reduced claims, at smaller margins. And yet, research has shown that there is still stigma in making a claim and many are not brought forward. With strict digital age data protection and increased legislation, these challenges require careful navigation.

Our Approach

Whether you are a giant CMC or a family run law firm, eProspects provide bespoke- to-need lead generation services. We help our clients to “walk the walk” with leading edge digital marketing and brand awareness techniques to drive enquiries– at the same time mirroring the integrity of their brands and being fully industry compliant.

eProspects 10+ years of industry experience comes with crucial sector knowledge and consumer insights. With responsive, cutting-edge technology eProspects are the obvious choice to negotiate a sector in constant flux.


eProspects expert media teams trial carefully placed customer capture tools which are not hard selling but reassuring, giving customers the confidence at the point of engagement to proceed towards the impartial advice offered by CMCs or safely into the customer care teams of the UKs most trusted law firms.

We currently deliver thousands of leads per month directly to sales teams using sophisticated filtering techniques to best serve their specific needs.


Whether helping CMCs to place sales with highly reputed solicitors or working directly with the law firms themselves, eProspects deliver leads at a rate appropriate to appetite. Our responsive approach delivers on metrics, as we continue to drive substantial growth for leaders in the personal injury claims industry.

eProspects ability to sustain delivery of leads with efficient conversion rates has made them an essential part of our £multi-million digital strategy. CMO of leading UK CMC

To match my ambition for sustainable growth, it’s been of huge importance to work with a partner who understand compliance and know how the big players work. CEO of a family run law firm