eProspects international market expertise and industry leading software drives strong pipelines for the most successful Expat Financial Service providers across the globe.

The Industry

As if choosing a mortgage, pension plan, health or life insurance was not complicated enough, expat financial services require extra special attention due to local regulations and peculiarities. eProspects have been helping the biggest industry players to serve millions of expats globally – and have been instrumental in establishing the market leaders from the outset of this sector’s unprecedented growth in the early 2000s.


Each market has its peculiarities: a study of Hong Kong revealed that only 10% of insurance purchasers actually ‘shopped around’, and that those who employed brokers were limited by their very limited panel of insurance providers on contract. China's market is "hugely complex" – rife with fraud and currency controls – and firms must be properly resourced and prepared for the long haul. Elsewhere countries such as Africa and South America struggle with corruption. Budgets must be spent wisely, and growth has to be measured.

Our Approach

eProspects have over 10 years of international experience to help their clients to navigate these often complex new markets to drive long-term, sustainable growth. Our nimble approach and responsive service levels mean that results can be measured in real time and campaign strategy is constantly adapted to improve lead quality. In short, we act with the positive entrepreneurial spirit to partner our clients own, as they enter brave new waters.


Initial runs in Hong Kong and Thailand proved so successful for one client, that eProspects now cover 61 countries across the EMEA, Asia and South America and generate over 4000 leads per month.


We have been directing leads to global clients to broker deals with over 200 insurers worldwide. Our nimble customer service and dedication helped to establish the industries leading players and we hope to continue to help the most innovative to blaze a trail.

It’s no coincidence that eProspects joined us in 2014 and we saw 423% growth that year! Marketing Director of global financial services giant

eProspects mirrored our group mantra to "Say yes, not no", adopting a resilient, focused and self-disciplined attitude towards both short and long-term projects. Co-founder of international health insurance comparison site